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Poetic Jazz Symphonic Live CD

Lech Wieleba
Poetic Jazz Symphonic
Conducted by Jerry Gates
Claas Ueberschär - Flugenlhorn/trumpet
Enno Dugnus - Piano
Pawel Wieleba - Drums/Percussion
Lech Wieleba - Doublebass
Berklee and Boston Conservatory at Berkeley Orchestra
  1. Blue Tango Nuevo
  2. Danzarina
  3. Waiting For The Call
  4. Faenza
  5. Adagio F-Moll
  6. How far to Manhattan
  7. Zbynio
  8. Dla Ireny
  9. Mazur
  10. La Chanson De La Pluie
  11. Elven Dance

All music composed by Lech Wieleba

Live recorded on February 21, 2018 at Berklee Performance Center in Boston, Massachusetts US 

I feel so fortunate to have been given this great opportunity to introduce our project POETIC JAZZ SYMPHONIC in Boston. 

My sincerest thanks go to Professor Jerry Gates for making this happen. Edditional thanks to all the musicians who helped with their limitless energy and heart to create the sound of Poetic Jazz Symphonic. A special thank you goes to my long time friend Piotr Chrobok who created the art design for Poetic from the very beginning. 

Recording engineer Alejo Planchart

Mixed and mastered by Stephan van Wylick

PJRecords 2019