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(Dienstag 22 november 2011)

Press Release, WORLD MUSIC, Anne McGannon, New York, may 2006

There's Cool Jazz, Free Jazz, Bebop, Swing . . .
and now there is Poetic Jazz. The brainchild of bassist and composer Lech Wieleba, POETIC JAZZ is a collaboration between four superb musicians in search of ways to let their jazz roots flower. Their latest program and CD, Danzarina, features 12 tracks that invite listeners into a world of "musical short stories."
A sultry breeze on a Brazilian shore, leaves falling on a rainy New York afternoon, an intoxicating serenade in North Africa, a cabrio ride through Paris.... Danzarina creates these inner landscapes . . .
Wieleba's selection of his three collaborators was very precise. "Everyone brings a certain color to the picture that is POETIC JAZZ," says Wieleba. He met Jan-Peter Klöpfel at a funeral for a fellow musician and found his way of "creating" tones instantly appealing. Pianist Enno Dugnus has shared with Wieleba "a long musical friendship." Completing the group is Wieleba's son, Pawel, who, as the youngest member, has helped the ensemble "break borders." "I looked for these musicians for a long time," says Wieleba. "They are the soul I needed for POETIC JAZZ."
POETIC JAZZ beckons to a new audience, not only to those from the jazz corner, but to anyone who can feel these "musical short stories" from the heart.